We at Cryptonsoftech assist our clients in building their brand and taking it to the next level. Cryptonsoftech is your one-stop solution to all Digital Possibilities ranging from web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Mobile App Development and related services.


Web Development

Within a couple of years, responsive web design went from being a bleeding edge feature to an essential component of most website redesign projects. But what started out as a somewhat simple solution (layouts for desktop, tablet, and smart phone) has now become a vast and complex landscape. Dynamic serving is the idea of changing the content that gets served to be the most suitable for the given device or context. When combined with RWD, we create a strategy that involves both front-end and back-end optimization.

Nowadays every second search on Google is from mobile devices since mobile traffic has increased a lot in the last few decades. This is the reason all industry wants their websites mobile friendly. Here comes the role of Responsive Web Design or RWD. It makes your website fit to all devices like Laptop, Desktop, Tab, iPhone, iPad and Notebook. If a website is designed with RWD then it easily adapts the environment of the system regardless it is been viewed.

How do we Work (Step by step process for Web Development) :

  • Quote Preparation- This is the stage when we understand and elaborate your needs and prepare quote (s) accordingly. At this stage we try to understand the motive of your business and also we ask for your future strategies if you have any.
  • Designing- At this stage home page is prepared as a demo for your website.As per the client demand, changes to the website template can be made.
  • HTML Coding- We do HTML coding after designing is approved and completed and send it to our client. Once it is approved then we start programming.
  • Design of Database- We create the database structure as per the client.
  • Testing- We upload the website to the client’s server. Then we do testing and debugging of website on the client’s server and the remaining web site is created together with required technical implementation.
  • Final Dispatch- At last, documentation, extra testing and final changes done. Then the project is made live on your web space.