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Responsive Web Design

Within a couple of years, responsive web design went from being a bleeding edge feature to an essential component of most website redesign projects. But what started out as a somewhat simple solution (layouts for desktop, tablet, and smart phone) has now become a vast and complex landscape. Dynamic serving is the idea of changing the content that gets served to be the most suitable for the given device or context. When combined with RWD, we create a strategy that involves both front-end and back-end optimization.

Nowadays every second search on Google is from mobile devices since mobile traffic has increased a lot in the last few decades. This is the reason all industry wants their websites mobile friendly. Here comes the role of Responsive Web Design or RWD. It makes your website fit to all devices like Laptop, Desktop, Tab, iPhone, iPad and Notebook. If a website is designed with RWD then it easily adapts the environment of the system regardless it is been viewed.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design for a Website:

  • Responsive Web Design ensures the quality of a website irrespective of devices. Like if someone is browsing a responsive site on mobile then the person needs not to zoom,shrink and pinch. The respective site will automatically adjust to the screen size.
  • It reduces the cost by cutting down the development time that you have to invest for the development of a separate website. It enables you to optimize your business with a single website for all the devices.
  • It increases the sales and conversion rate. The site built in responsive design attract many customers for business. Like if a customer finds your website looks clean, readable, modernized and sleek then it will definitely satisfies his needs.
  • Responsive web design increases the efficiency of a website by reducing the operational efforts. Like by updating a single website you will be capable to cascades across all devices types, instead of updating separate mobile and desktop websites.
  • If you want to see your site as per the market demand and trend then you need to make it Responsive. The most important feature of responsive design is that it takes less time while creation than creating an extra stand-alone mobile site.
  • As per Google update, responsive design affects search rankings on mobile devices. The advantage of responsive web design is that you only need to optimize your content for one link and the URL structure remains constant for all devices.