Library Management System

Library Management system is nothing but a well integrated software used to manage all the items of a library in a systematic way with the help of different modules. LMS is needed for every academic institution as it is really difficult to handle huge database of a library. It helps to keep track record of all the activities related to books available in the library. We provide very user friendly Library Management software which is very easy to use and work as a helping hand for a librarian. The software provided by us carry many feature that helps the librarian for keeping record of available books as well as issued books. Our expert developers segregate the LMS into many modules that is very easy to handle and manage.

Features of Library Management System:

  • Segregate the books as per the subject.
  • Keep record of all categories in a library like- Books, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers etc.
  • Maintain record of all information related to a book like- Name of the book, Author Name, Time of publication, Its publisher’s name, Price of book, Its purchase date etc.
  • Allow easy entry of new books.
  • Allow easy process to make a check-out.
  • Allow easy process to make a check-in.
  • Notification sends for reminding book submission date.
  • Notification sends to inform late fee.
  • Keep track record of books issued, submitted, pending to be submitted.
  • Keep record of total no. of books issued to a particular student.
  • Allow easy process to check the status of a book.
  • Online checking is possible to find out the current status of a book borrowed by a registered user.
  • Totally cloud based Library Management System.