Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management software is an application used to manage all the transaction or activities related to a hotel. It is a day to day activity, like every day a hotel or guest house or lodge or motels etc get booked either online or offline and therefore check in or check out done. Hotel Management Software helps to maintain the whole record of the customers who visit and stay in a hotel. A complete database can be easily maintained that will carry all the records year by year in a systematic way and very user friendly. An administrator can easily find out the record of any visitor without any much trouble. Our developers and designers design and therefore develop the Hotel Management software keeping in mind the needs and requirement of our client. The HMS developed by us is very easy to use and can be customized as per the demand.

It consists of some important modules that are needed to manage the data of a hotel or hospitality management. Some of the importantmodules of HMS are- Customer data management, Check in entry, Check out entry, Food & Beverages, Room Division, Accounting Department,Inventory Department, Customer Response Management, Internet Reservations, Front Office, Back Office, Internet Access, Spa & Club etc.All these modules are integrated in a perfect manner and together it works smoothly so that the person handling the Hotel Management Software could work hassle free. Also we are all time ready to help and guide our clients if they are facing any problem while handling HMS developed by us.Moreover with our customization feature we give an opportunity to our clients to get designed the HMS as per their needs and requirement.

Features of Hotel Management Software:

  • Manage record of information of different department in a database.
  • Keep customer track record.
  • Centralized operations for different departments.
  • Keep record of daily MIS and Security System.
  • Maintain integration between different operational heads like- front office and back office departments.
  • Provide user friendly and easily navigable interface.
  • Customized Reports.