Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software is a well integrated application that helps to keep and maintain record of all aspects of a hospital operation like Patient Registration, OPD Management, IPD Management, Appointment, Billing, Inventory, HR and Pay role etc. HMS helps a lot to the hospital administration for handling huge data of numerous department of the hospital in a well processed database. The Hospital Management software designed by us carry all the features needed to run the whole hospital administration smoothly. Moreover with customization feature we modify or add a module to our HSM as per the demand of client.

Hospital Management Software Modules:

  • Patient Management- Patient Management module maintain all the record regarding a patient and a unique id is provided to all the patients that helps to find out the detail of a particular patient easily. An administrator who will handle the data can add, edit, view or delete an entry.
  • OPD Management- OPD Management module allows making entry of a patient whenever he comes to the reception desk and providing a unique registration number. This includes the entry of all information related to the patient like- Name, Age, Gender, Address, Services desired by the patient etc.
  • IPD Management- IPD Management module provide a different registration number to a patient while getting admitted in the hospital. This time along with all the basic detail of the patient some other information related to the patient like date of admission, Room, Consultant, Surgeon, diseases etc are recorded.
  • Services Management- Service Management module keep track record of all the services provided by the hospital. This module allows the administrator to add, delete and modify the services entry.
  • Discharge Management- Discharge Management module helps to maintain record of patient’s discharge data like date and time of discharge etc. An administrator can easily check and edit the discharge summary of a patient after his discharge.
  • Store Management- Store Management module maintain purchase order along with its due date of delivery, record of Stock, Reorder levels and other important details.
  • Security Management- Security Management module covers all the aspects related to security of different departments of a hospital.
  • MIS Management- MIS Management module provides all necessary and important reports to the management. An administrator can add, edit, and modify the entry under MIS.
  • Accounts Management- Accounts Management module keeps all the records of purchase, expenses, payments etc. Under this module receipts can be imported directly from OPD and IPD department.
  • OPD Billing- OPD billing module consists of all OPD billing/ Collection billing of OPD patients along with all information and services used by patients.
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  • IPD Billing- IPD billing module allows online billing of all IPD patients along with patient details and services provided like bed charge, operation, delivery, oxygen, nursing, x-ray, ultrasound, medicines etc.