Dealership Management Software

Dealership Management software helps to create a well structured database for businesses like Automobile (two wheeler, four wheeler). The DMS keeps all the record accurately and allows instant access to information. It enhances the working capability of an automobile business and also adds to its profitability. Our expert developers create different effective modules in DMS that can be easily handled and manages the data of an automobile business. The Dealership Management system created by us keeps in consideration all the activities of an automobile dealership business like sales, workshop activities, inventory, accounting, customer, Reports etc.

Dealership Management Software:

  • Customer Management- Customer management module allows the users to keep record of all the customers in the database and the administrator can add, delete and modify an entry.
  • Service Management Module- Service Management module allows to manage records of Appointment, Job Sheet, Job List etc.
  • vInventory Management- Inventory Management module allows the user to keep track record of Manufacturer, Suppliers, Spare Part master, Details of stock, Stock Transfer etc.
  • Sub Dealer Management- Sub Dealer Management module allows the users to add New Sub Dealer, Sub Dealer List, Sub Dealer Order List, and Transfer Vehicle List etc.
  • Account Management- Account Management module allows the user to maintain all the record of Account Head, Account Statement, Balance Sheet, Voucher, General Leader Trial, Group Trail and Income Statement.
  • Purchase Record Management- Purchase Management module includes entry of stock and spare parts purchase.
  • Sales Record Management- Sales Management module includes entry of Advance Booking, Sales Invoice and Spare Part Sale Invoice. It has the functionalities like add, edit and delete.
  • HR Management- HR Management module helps to maintain the employee records department wise.
  • Report Management- Report Management module includes sales report, service report, purchase report and stock report.