We at Cryptonsoftech believe to work in a friendly and healthy environment. We believe in Right People on Right Place and on Right Work and that is the core of success of a Company. So the people who join us we place them on the position that they really deserve and our work doesn’t end here only. We keep on upgrading our employees by giving them chance to learn. This way we give opportunity to our employees to boost their knowledge so that their knowledge of work doesn’t get limited to with what they join us.Instead they get enough chance to be expert in their field.

Reason of Your Career with Cryptonsoftech

  • Job Security- Your job is secured at Cryptonsoftech until and unless you have committed any unethical or security issue. We always think of about our employee’s welfare and job security.
  • Chance to Learn- With Cryptonsoftech you get chance to learn new Framework and Technologies. You get ample chances and opportunity to enhance your technical knowledge in the applications like – Magento, Hybrid Phone Gap, Wordpress, Joomla etc.
  • Respect & Dignity- For us all employees are same and member of Cryptonsoftech family. All of them get same respect irrespective of their position so that the dignity of all individual members could be maintained.
  • Timely Increment- Once you step with us you do not need to worry about your promotion or increment. You will get promotions and increment based on your performance from time to time. The increment interval is fully based on your performance and expertise that you show on your work so you may avail it before 6 months also from the date of your joining.
  • Freedom to Express- There is enough freedom to express yourself in Cryptonsoftech. This is the reason the employee over here come up with their valuable suggestion for their betterment as well as for Company’s betterment.
  • Personality Grooming- The employees who join us, not only they get chance to enhance their knowledge also they get such a fresh and enthusiastic environment so that they may groom to their personality.

For any queries please contact our HR department

  • Name- Maushmi Singh
  • Contact Number-9088535950
  • Email Id- maushmi@cryptonsoftech.com
  • info@cryptonsoftech.com